Electric vehicles are a new and rapidly expanding adventure for the automotive industry.
As with any new direction in technology there are many uncertainties and new requirements
Initially set up to support the industries End of Life needs, our expertise in electric vehicles and high voltage battery systems has allowed us to support automotive manufactures, battery manufacturers and other market sectors in the following areas:
At EV recycling we are here to help with the integration and management of High Voltage battery technology into the Automotive Industry.
Battery storage and logistics must be a carefully managed activity. High voltage EV batteries can quickly become hazardous when not properly handled, maintained or stored. EV Recycling have specially trained staff that operate our unique facilities in the UK. Our staff are fully trained to understand the construction, performance characteristic and the correct handling and maintenance of all types of electric vehicle battery.
EV Recycling store and rotate battery stock in and out of service for a number of large automotive OEMs as well as supporting the aftermarket with their emerging requirements. We also support the insurance sector with the safe recovery of accident damaged electric vehicles as well as disposal where required.

Upon arrival at our facilities batteries are thoroughly inspected and tested to characterise their condition and are handled accordingly. Whilst at the facility, batteries in storage are periodically conditioned to maintain a good state of health.

Our close links with OEMs as well as technology partners such as Treharne Automotive Engineering, enable us to apply the latest test tool technology and approved End of Line test procedures to store and maintain HV Batteries to the highest industry standards.
Many automotive systems are remanufactured back to OEM standards. Systems such as gearboxes, driveline components, steering and braking assemblies are all re-worked globally and re-introduced back into the supply chain, all as good as new, with warranty. There are an array of benefits to re-manufacture such as:
EV battery systems are no different. The infancy, complex design, assembly and hazardous nature of high voltage batteries mean their initial manufacturing cost is high. This results in a large piece price and subsequent rise in the cost of electric vehicles. Electric vehicle system are also meant to be the flagship of future vehicle technology, however manufacturing emissions and the materials used can raise negative views. All of this means batteries lend themselves well to re-manufacturing, helping to drive down the cost of batteries, the cost of EV motoring and have an overall beneficial impact on the environment.

EV Recycling employ our skilled workers as well as on site battery technology specialists to disassemble the units down to their base components. Each sub assembly is re-worked, perishable parts are replaced and the units are re-assembled and tested to OEM guidelines and performance standards using our advanced battery interrogation systems.

Batteries are re-introduced back into the supply chain to OEMs and private customers, all warranted and traceable, in line with current regulations.
Batteries that have come to the end of their life as an assembly may not necessarily be redundant. The operating envelope of a vehicle battery is demanding, and although the capacity of the assembly may no longer meet this demand, the operating characteristic of alternative devices may suit the current cell state of health. For this reason EV Recycling regularly dismantle EV batteries into their sub-assemblies and work closely with developers and distributors to support the integration of the sub-assemblies into new products.

Our advanced test equipment can interrogate each sub assembly to fingerprint the exact performance characteristics of the parts and provide warranty against the re-used assemblies in line with OEM test data and specifications.
In the event a battery is not fit for re-use or re-manufacture, EV Recycling break the assembly down into safe, stable sub-assemblies which are processed at our facility back into the raw materials ready for re-sale into the global market.

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